What is the importance of optimizing climate control in medical cannabis cultivation?

Before answering this question, we should talk about the basic principles of plant physiology. We all have an idea of what photosynthesis is, and its basic equation.

We know in general terms, that any plant, under optimal conditions of radiation, CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity, will maximize its glucose production, which, depending on the phase in which the plant is, will go to vegetative sinks (production of leaf area and new stems), or productive sinks (flowers and fruits).

Good climate control consists of optimizing the environmental and nutritional conditions of the plant at all times in order to maximize its production. The main function of a good climate controller is to continuously take indoor/outdoor measurements in the greenhouse, compare them with the desired value entered by the grower, and correct them with the equipment available in the greenhouse (fans, heat shields, heating, CO2, ventilators, lighting, etc.).

In the cultivation of medical cannabis, controlling the environmental conditions (temperature, CO2, humidity and radiation) in which all the physiological processes of the plant take place, both in the day and night phases (photosynthesis, respiration, growth, transpiration, water and nutrient absorption…) is of special interest, since the response of the plant to show the potential of its genotype, which will result in quality and quantity of flowers and pollen, will depend on it.

The cultivation of medical cannabis in controlled environments, such as greenhouses, requires the installation of climate control equipment to optimize its performance (ventilation, air recirculation, dehumidification, supplementary lighting…). Likewise, it is necessary to install a climate controller capable of performing an integrated management of such equipment, adjusting the environmental conditions to the optimal ones for the crop at each moment, and reducing any type of environmental stress.

Juan Carlos Jiménez, Sales Manager at Ridder España