We are an association of qualified companies that offers the best advice and technical consultancy for cannabis for pharmaceutical purposes. Agropharm is the product of an experienced team of people who work in the design and integration of equipment, products and technological solutions for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse medicinal cannabis cultivation projects.


Design and manage the integration of equipment, products and technological solutions for medicinal cannabis cultivation projects in greenhouses, indoor rooms and outdoor installations, ensuring the viability and profitability of the project.


Contribute our experience to promote the legal cultivation of cannabis for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.



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We work with industry leaders


➔ Spannabis, Barcelona.

➔ Portugal Medical Cannabis (PTMC), Porto.

➔ CannX, Lisbon.

➔ GreenTech, Amsterdam.



➔ International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC), Barcelona.

➔ Spannabis, Barcelona.

➔ CannX, Tel Aviv.

➔ GreenTech, Amsterdam.

➔ Legal Cannabis Coalition (LCC), Lisbon

➔ Portugal Medical Cannabis (PTMC), Porto.

➔ International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC), Berlin.

➔ Expopharm, Munich.

➔ Fruit Attraction, Madrid.

➔ FarmaForum, Madrid.

➔ Feira de Inovação Agrícola do Fundão, Fundão.

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