What are the key points to bear in mind when it comes to fighting pests in a medical cannabis plantation?

Undoubtedly, the cultivation of cannabis for medicinal purposes has experienced a remarkable boom in recent years. However, this burgeoning sector also faces considerable challenges in terms of pest control, a critical aspect that requires specialised attention. As an integrated pest management technician with a focus on cannabis, I understand the importance of addressing this issue in a meticulous and strategic manner. Throughout this interview, we will explore the fundamental keys to keep in mind when combating pests in cannabis cultivation.

Continuous monitoring and prevention with biological methods.
Bioline Iberia as a leading company in Biological Control, with extensive experience in cannabis cultivation. It offers growers the best natural tools thanks to its continuous innovation, thanks to its exclusive release systems we can successfully implement biological control in this crop. An example of this is Stick, Bugline, envelopes of controlled release of predatory mites of different pests with the highest technology, as well as Blisters, release systems of different parasitoids or predators that contribute to keep free of pests in this crop of such high value.

In summary, pest control in cannabis cultivation is a discipline that requires a combination of prevention, monitoring, focus on natural methods, strategic planning, training and collaboration. Professionals in this area must be prepared to meet the challenges that pests can pose and work tirelessly to keep cannabis crops healthy and of high quality, ensuring the satisfaction and safety of consumers.

Camilo Díaz, Commercial Technician at Bioline Iberia