What do you think about the timing of the legalization of medical Cannabis in Spain?

That any delay is unacceptable. We must put the needs of patients at the center. And diseases do not understand bureaucracy or parliamentary procedures.

That said, in Spain we already have laws that allow the cultivation of medical cannabis and proof of this are the 5 companies with production licenses or the 21 companies with cultivation licenses for research. Obtaining authorization is only a matter of legal technique.

And although the legislation for cultivation can be improved, the current social clamor is to incorporate cannabis into the vademecum of Spanish pharmacies. It should be recognized as a legal medicine. As it happens in Germany, Canada and in the most advanced countries of our environment.

In two weeks they have taken up again the crimes of embezzlement and sedition. If they want to, they can. Because there are people who cannot wait.

Antonio Bezanilla, Lawyer at Bezanilla&Renedo Abogados