The growth of the European medical cannabis industry is creating jobs in almost every country. The best way we have to classify the jobs in this sector is based on daily contact with the plant. Those who have daily contact, who handle the plants are mainly involved in cultivation, processing, manufacturing, or sales. Those who don’t have contact work in offices or in other companies that provide services to the industry.

Jobs dedicated to cultivation:

  • Cultivation director: responsible for the facilities and their management, as well as compliance with regulations, personnel or logistics.
  • Master grower: responsible for the plants, diseases, pests… and manages the imputs of the cultivation process.
  • Trimmer: takes care of the plants, harvests them, dries them, cleans them, and adjusts the equipment.

Jobs dedicated to processing and manufacturing:

  • Extraction processor: transforms cannabis flowers into oils or other forms of extract.
  • Edibles chef: processes cannabis-derived products.
  • Quality control: involved in cultivation, processing and dispensing.
  • Packagers.

Jobs in dispensaries:

  • Manager: responsible for sales, compliance with laws and regulations, finances, personnel and customer service.
  • Budtender: frontline salesperson in the dispensary
  • Cashier.

Jobs without daily contact with the plant:

  • Office personnelsecuritycleaning staff, maintenance workers, human resources, web and graphic designers, sales representatives, marketing professionals, IT specialist, logistics personnel, accountants, legal professionals, managers and executives.

As you can see, there are all kinds of jobs available for all levels of experience, training and education. What is yours?


*Note: Our information is based on scientific studies or outreach; if you are considering using cannabis, please consult with a specialized medical professional.