What is the importance of the lighting study for a medical Cannabis project?

All medical cannabis projects have a high level of investment to meet the high standards required by the industry. In order to stabilise production and generate business throughout the year, it is essential to provide the right amount and type of additional light.

Light is the most important factor in the photosynthetic process. But when it comes to adding light to a crop it is important to consider several key points:

  • Target DLI, will determine the amount of light, and therefore the capacity and power of the installation.
  • Spectrum will determine the morphology and development of the plant.
  • Homogeneity will determine that all plants have the same development.

Not defining clear objectives leads to incorrect calculations in the sizing of the installation, which can lead to it being insufficient or excessive, investing in an installation that is difficult to modify with high updating costs.

Planning from the outset what type of light, how much light and where it will be installed is critical in order to get the investment right.

Jose Gil, COO at Newlite