Legal advice

In our pursuit of excellence, we guarantee that the final product meets the highest standards of quality and safety for human consumption.

Focused on guaranteeing results

Prior authorisation

Medicinal cannabis cultivation for the production of pharmaceutical or cosmetic goods is subject to administrative authorisation that must be granted before the project can start (AEMPS/RUESA, INFARMED…).

Regulatory compliance

In order to guarantee the highest standards of quality and safety, at Agropharm, we develop all our projects in accordance with current legislation.

In perfect harmony

The perfect harmony between the legal technical project, the production facilities and the processing facilities is essential to the process of obtaining the administrative authorisation to cultivate.

Specialised legal consultancy

At Agropharm, we closely supervise each project and, in partnership with the law firm Bezanilla Renedo Abogados, we offer a complete specialised legal consultancy service to guarantee the correct planning and execution of the project.

Basic advice

The multidisciplinary team of lawyers advises us on basic issues such as the optimal kind of legal entity to establish or the processing of subsidies for green economy businesses.

Specific advice

In addition, they help us obtain AEMPS/INFARMED licences, implement safety (IQ) and quality (BPAR/Global GAPC) protocols and draft Agricultural Production Agreements (APAs NCF) that are guaranteed and compatible with the standards of common law.

We guarantee optimal results, working with the quality and validation consultancy Trescal, carrying out all protocols for GACP and GMP standards, together with the drafting, management and validation of all procedures necessary to achieve a logical and applicable transition from an agricultural product to obtaining a pharmaceutical certification.

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