Greenhouses for the pharmaceutical sector

We are your partner in the Iberian Peninsula and throughout the Mediterranean region. We execute pharmaceutical cannabis projects that comply with the certification requirements in each country regardless of their complexity.

Project in Salvada (Portugal)

We built a greenhouse in southern Portugal. Completed in July 2021, the installation is intended for use in the pharmaceutical industry and has obtained all the necessary certificates.

Project Type: Greenhouse
Location: Salvada, Beja (Portugal)
Investment: €1.5 million
Area of the work site: 5,500 m2

Project in Ortiga (Portugal)

We constructed a complete installation in central Portugal. Intended for the pharmaceutical industry, construction of the greenhouse, building, warehouse and civil works was completed in February 2022.

Project Type: Complete installation
Location: Ortiga, Mação (Portugal)
Investment: €4.35 million
Area of the work site: 14,000 m2

Project in Fundão (Portugal)

Project Type: Greenhouse
Location: Fundão, Castelo Branco (Portugal)
Investment: €1.95 million

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