Agronomic advice

Agronomic advice

Agronomic advice

With more than 20 years’ experience, we specialise in creating ideal environments for planting medicinal cannabis. We carry out a thorough monitoring of the project and advise our customers on the traceability of the product.

Our services
  • Lighting

We have partners specialised in the production of lighting solutions to control photoperiods, spectrum and radiation on the plant, ensuring optimal production with the highest energy efficiency.

  • Water treatment

Mindful of the importance of water today, we work to reduce the water footprint of our projects by using efficient irrigation equipment.

  • Fertilisation

Nutrition is as important to the crop as light and water. With this in mind, our technicians develop specific fertilisation plans to guarantee the optimal development of the plant.

  • Sensors and monitoring technology

Knowing the current state of the plant is essential for the management of the plantation, allowing you to tend to the needs of the crop in real time. To that end, our projects come with advanced control systems that generate relevant information for decision-making.

  • Climate control

In this type of installation, it is very important to control climatic variables such as humidity and temperature and other environmental variables like radiation and CO2 levels. Our automated systems control these variables to ensure ideal conditions for the plant’s growth.

  • Post-harvest management

For us, it is essential to obtain a final product with optimal characteristics. Our drying and harvest processing facilities are GMP certified, meaning that the environment is free from contamination, thereby guaranteeing a quality product that meets the expectations of the market.