Customised projects from start to finish

We carry out the project to your specifications. Drawing on our experience, we can design any type of project and customise it according to the needs of the client, solving any obstacles and providing clarity on the different phases to be carried out.

Customised advice
Indoor, outdoor
or greenhouse
Civil, building and estate works

Turnkey projects: we are your project management solution

1. Customised advice
Our advisory process involves carrying out a detailed study of all the project’s requirements that we understand that a project has to cover in order to achieve the objectives set from the beginning:

    • Choice of location
    • Checking basic supplies
    • Compliance with regulations and their compatibility with the project.
    • Energy, legal and agronomic advice
    • Direct guidance
    • Empowerment of autonomy
    • Impact assessment
    • Management experience

We will help you obtain the necessary permits and certificates that will allow you to obtain an effective production unit, with a final product that is valid in your chosen sector, be it industrial, food, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals.

2. Indoor, outdoor or greenhouse
After assessing the objectives and the space in question, we design the structure and installation to optimise the production and use of inputs, be it a greenhouse, indoor or outdoor installation.

Indoor: This is a cultivation that tries to simulate and even improve the environmental conditions that are created in nature and facilitate the cultivation of cannabis. To do this, sunlight must be replaced by artificial light, airflow must be created by means of extractors and fans, etc. It is most suitable for production for pharmaceutical use.

Outdoor: A crop where the cannabis grows according to the environmental conditions in which it is found, although always with the help of fertilisers and preventive products such as pests and diseases.

Greenhouse: Cannabis grown in a greenhouse is halfway to the cost of the project, which would be incurred for an indoor, giving the advantage of having much more protection than an outdoor crop, so that, at the end of the season, very high-quality harvests are obtained. With this system, production is almost as homogeneous as indoors, as many of the parameters that affect the crop are controlled.

Some of the options available:

  • Design of the structure
  • Installation of enclosures
  • Crop installation
  • Air conditioning
  • Water treatment and irrigation
  • Lighting and electricity
  • Choice of genetic type
  • Agronomic work
  • Harvest and post-harvest management


3. Civil engineering, building and urbanisation
We design and build all the areas associated with the project, including earthworks, processing and office buildings, road works, irrigation ponds, CO2 and gas plants, and medium and low voltage installations.

We coordinate construction by working with different teams specialised in each of the different materials required in construction. With a study of the time required, we organise the work to reduce the duration of the work and increase the productivity of the teams, which are trained to carry out work, from earth moving and perimeter fencing to the regulation of the different sensors, including the installation of the structure, enclosures and other items that lead to the proper development of the project.

4. Post-harvest process
The production of medical cannabis requires a processing area certified to GMP standards that include enclosures, air treatment and diffusion, hydraulic power and control installations, regulation, lighting, fire installation, utilities and equipment.

The post-harvest process consists of the following:

  • Trimming: Separating the buds from the plant and removing all the leaves before putting them out to dry.
  • Drying: Gradual and not abrupt drying so as not to damage the bud.
  • Packing: depends on the customer’s preferences.
  • Warehouse: storage of the product until it is removed from the centre.

We design and build cleanrooms and sterile areas adapted to the different needs of each project.

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