The 2020 financial year was one of the worst in recent years. Forecasts for 2021 point to a year of transition, although some analysts see signs of growth as vaccines solve the current the Covid 19 pandemic problem.

One of the best things you can do with your money in 2021 is invest in the incipient business flows that are leading the way in terms of profitability. The best examples are to be found in the health and biotechnology sectors, where the momentum behind vaccine research provides good growth prospects. Investment funds operating in the health sector consist of a series of products related to companies in the health industry, such as pharmaceutical companies dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of medicines, specialised health insurance companies or healthcare service providers, including companies that provide assistance and care to dependents.

Another area with good prospects, according to analysts, is that of climate change and citizen awareness about sustainable economic development. Socially Responsible Investment in companies working in the area of waste management, renewable energy, research and development, etc; as well as being potentially profitable, these investments are seen as beneficial to society.

In addition to investments in technology, software and app development, Socially Responsible Investment is one of the sectors with the highest short-term profitability and has been on an upward path for decades now.

The best businesses to invest in next year

In keeping with the points discussed above, here is a list of sectors that could be profitable in 2021 and in the coming years.

Fitness Culture

This will undoubtedly be one of the fastest-growing areas. It is aimed at improving people’s quality of life by promoting health, and well-being, always accompanied by sport and a healthy diet. It’s an increasingly popular way of life that improves the body’s capabilities that impact health, endurance, balance and flexibility.

Virtual Entertainment

There was a remarkable boom in audio-visual entertainment during the difficult months of the pandemic-induced lockdown. It is a sector that has seen increasing demand in recent years. It is positioned in the market alongside the intervention of technology, innovating with different formats and approaches. Investing in audio-visual content is adding interest to the consumer experience.

Organic and ecological products

The demand for organic and ecological products is growing in tandem with the healthy lifestyle movement, sought after for their organic production without using harmful pesticides or chemicals. The taste for healthy living among consumers is leading to a growth in demand for these products, so investing in any business related to their production or marketing could be a wise choice.

Tech Products

Technology as we understand it, has become the most powerful tool for the development and progress of humanity. This being the case, tech products represent a giant market where a diverse range of products and services are sold. Tech products are innovative by nature and created for a specific function. Examples include smartphones, tablets, drones, and appliances, among many other products. This varied range of products makes it easy to find a market niche where they can be positioned and successfully marketed.

Software and Web Development

Since the emergence of the Internet in 1983, this medium has continued to grow and develop due to its magnificent communication potential. It changed the world forever, and today, this transformation has been completely assimilated by society. Thanks to the internet, everyday activities like reading a book, shopping, communicating with friends, studying or selling products, are now conducted online. This means that in 2021 there is still a market for companies dedicated to web development and other services geared towards the smooth running of websites.

Home Delivery Service

Linked to the previous industry and the changes in consumer behaviour during the pandemic, distance commerce has seen its activity grow by 200%, leading to increased investments in shipping and delivery services. Experts believe that during 2021 the trend will continue to grow, providing a good short-term investment opportunity.