Turnkey project

Turnkey project

Proyectos personalizados de principio a fin

We carry out the project to your specifications. Drawing on our experience, we can design any type of project and customise it according to the needs of the client, solving any obstacles and providing clarity on the different phases to be carried out.

Customised advice
Indoor, outdoor or greenhouse
Civil, building and estate works
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Turnkey projects: we are your project management solution
  • 1. Asesoramiento personalizado

    Our advisory process involves carrying out a detailed study of all the project’s requirements. Choice of location, itemisation of basic supplies, compliance with regulations and the regulatory compatibility of the project. Everything you need to achieve the goals set at the beginning. We will provide you with the necessary permits and certificates needed for an effective production unit and a final product that is valid in the chosen sector, whether industrial, food, cosmetic or pharmaceutical.

  • 2. Indoor, outdoor o invernadero

    After assessing the objectives and the space in question, we design the structure and installation to optimise the production and use of inputs, be it a greenhouse, indoor or outdoor installation.

    Some of the options available:

    • Design of the structure
    • Installation of enclosures
    • Crop installation
    • Air conditioning
    • Water treatment and irrigation
    • Lighting and electricity
    • Choice of genetic type
    • Agronomic work
    • Harvest and post-harvest management
  • 3. Obra civil, edificación y urbanización

    We design and build all the areas associated with the project, including earthworks, processing and office buildings, road works, irrigation ponds, CO2 and gas plants, and medium and low voltage installations.

  • 4. Área de procesado

    The production of medical cannabis requires a processing area certified to GMP standards that includes enclosures, air treatment and diffusion, hydraulic power and control installations, regulation, lighting, fire installation, utilities and equipment.