Agropharm Projects is the company chosen by CANNA to manage CANNA Social in Cordoba, a project that has delivered more than 50 tonnes of food

Cordoba, 29th September 2021-. Agropharm Projects, a company dedicated to the design, implementation and start-up of medical cannabis cultivation facilities, has been chosen by CANNA, a producer of nutrients and growing media for fast-growing plants, to manage its Canna Social project in southern Spain.

Motivated by the current social situation caused by the pandemic and the lack of fresh food from organisations that deliver food to people with economic difficulties, CANNA has joined forces with Agropharm Projects in Córdoba and Castilla Bio Lab in Castilla y León to set up this project.

As Genaro Domínguez, one of the people in charge of the Córdoba garden, explained: “We have already delivered around 50 tonnes of food. So far it has been tomatoes, pumpkins, cucumbers, peppers, onions, melons, watermelons,… and soon we will also be able to donate broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower, among others. Always seasonal produce with which we obtain the maximum yield from the land and the environment”.

Furthermore, the market garden in Cordoba is completely ecological. According to Juan Manuel Pachón, another of its managers and the 5th generation of a family of horticulturists: “As part of the management we have introduced aromatic herbs such as fennel and basil as a perimeter hedge, with which we try to avoid the appearance of pests, and natural repellents extracted from the same garden, such as chilli juice for rabbits and snails”.

Carlos Eslava, president of the Banco de Alimentos Medina Azahara de Córdoba, commented: “We are very grateful for this collaboration, which is a powerful help for us to continue serving the nearly 30,000 beneficiaries in Córdoba and the province who work with us through 250 welfare and charitable organisations. Likewise, and very much in line with this innovative approach, we are pleased to announce that the first electric van owned by the Food Bank of Cordoba is now in operation”.

Rafael Rey, Project and Sales Manager at Agropharm Projects: “We had been looking for a project like this for a long time, we wanted to contribute to improving our environment. We have to thank CANNA for having counted on us for the launch of CANNA Social. We would love to be involved for many years to come”.

Susan Van Brunschot, Director of CANNA Spain, added: “As a result of the crisis, increased by the pandemic, this idea arose: to use cultivation as a tool for solidarity. So we joined forces with Agropharm, which, as well as being a benchmark in the sector, is made up of a team of people with big hearts. They share the values and philosophy of CANNA. We believe that our small contribution can generate a very big impact for many families, who today need support. I hope we can inspire others to look for tools to offer help as well.

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