Construction of agricultural greenhouses

We offer constructive solutions adapted to the production objectives and local environmental conditions. We bring to the table our broad knowledge of equipment and applications in the construction of our agricultural greenhouses for pharmaceutical cannabis projects. In short, our products, services and technology provide comprehensive solutions that will result in an outstanding final engineering project for the production of cannabis for medical use.

Turnkey project

Customised design of
each project.

Indoor facilities

Creation of effective
workspaces adapted
to each need.

Maintenance and
renovation of facilities

Maintenance of the facilities after their construction.

We install Greenhouses in

We are specialists in the design and installation of greenhouses for the cultivation of medicinal cannabis and whether we are operating in Spain, Portugal or anywhere else in the world, we are supported by the best partners in terms of advice and consultancy for every project we carry out.

Specialists in the design and construction of hydroponic greenhouses

We develop agrotechnological projects for the cultivation of cannabis for medicinal and pharmaceutical purposes, optimising the performance of production facilities and promoting the responsible use of available resources. This means that we can adapt any terrain for new construction projects with minimum impact on the environment. We can also renovate any existing installation. Drawing on our experience, we can ensure the optimisation of available resources and increase the productivity of each crop.

Experts in the assembly of custom-made greenhouses

We are leaders in the sector. Our turnkey projects are always equipped with the most cutting-edge technology available. The versatile manner in which we design and build our bespoke greenhouses means that we can adapt them to the environment, and we are constantly investing in R+D and innovation in the search of the newest technology to increase their efficiency.

Agropharm makes your turnkey project