Greenhouse Construction
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Advanced cultivation solutions for the pharmaceutical industry
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Greenhouse Construction
Advanced cultivation solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Agropharm, advanced cultivation solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.
We apport strategy on the creation of engineering projects, from initial planning, greenhouse building, watering, hydroponics, artificial illumination, agronomic counseling and recollection. From start to finish, we develop your turnkey project. Agropharm is composed by a team that works with you on the desing and integration of equipment, products and technological solutions for your room or greenhouses of medicinal cannabis. At Agropharm, we work to simplify and customize a planning that meets your comercial objectives and your installations. We will be by your side from the start of the initial design, to the integration that guarantees that your systems and programs are optimized. We offer equipment and products specifically designed for professional cultivators. We will be by your side on each step to help you achieve your objectives offering integrates solutions: products, services, technology and experience.

What do we offer?

Solutions ready to cultivate achieving the maximum performance

To achieve its objective, we integrate solutions which adapt to any situation, looking for solutions even on the most exigent environments.

Among others, we integrate solutions for:

Projection and construction of greenhouses
Agronomical support
Climate control
Forced ventilation
Dehumidification and humidification
Thermal screen
Shading and photoperiod meshes
Carbonic enrichment (CO2)
Fitosanitarial control systems
Cultivation canals

Let's talk about your project

From indoor cultivation, laboratories or several exterior hectares


If you need help with an idea, or if you have your own project in progress and you need to improve some of your installation process, let’s talk!

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